long distance in Perth

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Sun Oct 7 15:54:21 EST 2001

If anyone is in or near the Applecross area and wants to do something
similar please drop me a line.

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	Yesterday we managed a 26.4km link from Doubleview to Lesmurdie
	Perth.  Best S/N we observed was -80dbm and the whole thing was
	handheld.  Elevation at Lesmurdie was 198m, and at Doubleview
around 140.
	Next weekend we should have an antenna mounted somewhat more
	and we're looking at putting an access point up there if
performance is as
	good as things are looking.
	We'll let you know how we go, and this could potentially be
really good
	news for linking the smallish (and spread out) Perth networks
	Vital Stats:
	140m elevation
	10dbi omni pacsat antenna
	apple airport, 30dbm output model with pigtail straight into
	Pole mounted from chimney mount (observe:
	198m elevation
	24dbi conifer antenna
	FCC 30dbm cabletron roamabout card, very short (3m?) RG8
	Hand-held antenna
	Total Distance: 26.4km
	Best S/N: -80dbm (good for 5.5mbps easily)
	I'm also pleased that the lobes coming out of that omni seem to
be high
	enough that we're getting a decent signal.
	Thanks to Matt Lambie and Steve Bennett for assistance.

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