success with modifying galaxy 24dbi!

Geoff Watts wattsg at
Wed Oct 3 02:35:04 EST 2001

Hi people,

Matt Lambie and co-consipirators halfinched a few 24dbi galaxy antennas
from some outlaying suburbs here in Perth, and I happened to come by one
of them through persuasion.

Tonight, i modified it with some belden 9913 and a reasonably cheap N-type
from dick smith, all up cost about $20 (had some 9913 hanging around).

Performance seems to be roughly at or better than the commercial 24dbi
conifers(!) .. even though they're the same antenna.

Testing involved heading to Raebold Hill, in Floreat in Perth, and
pointing in the general direction of our access point.  Length of the link
was 5.1kms (according to the gps), with an 18dbi conifer patch antenna at
the other end.

We had the signal at 3/4 of the scale on the cabletron roamabout wince
drivers, and according to karnet's configurator talking to our airport,
about 70%.

That's f'n brilliant.

I highly recommend the galaxy 24dbi antennas!


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