UHF space

Ryan ryan at prodigital.net.au
Mon Dec 24 12:44:51 EST 2001

At 11:13 AM 23-12-01 -0800, you wrote:
>I can see where the 27 Mhz band would be limiting, although I think as part
>of a community communications system it might be useful for text messaging,
>but what about UHF between 470 and 800 mhz?

Have a play around on the ACA site - www.aca.gov.au  spec: 

The 40 public UHF channels in Australia sit around 477 MHz, everything 
above and below this in the range you mentioned is covered either by 500 
and 800 MHz upper and lower band spectrum licenses, as well as as a ton of 
'Broadcast Services' and 'Land Mobile > 30MHz' licenses.  Included in this 
is a lot of community TV stations and outback shire councils.  To give you 
some idea of how many licenses sit in this space, the maximum range you can 
search for is 1 Mhz, or it returns too many results and refuses to display 
them.  In some cases 0.1 MHz is the most you can search on.

I'm guessing in America/Canada there would be even more licenses in that space.


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