27MHz transceiver modules?

Ian Johnson vk4kij at ecig.com.au
Sun Dec 23 15:03:21 EST 2001

G'day Chris,

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Chris Baird wrote:

> What's the Knowledge(tm) on 27MHz transceiver modules/kits/bits
> suitable for serial communication? (I don't suppose those 'wireless'
> keyboards and mice are easily hackable?)
> Given that AM-CB modulators are dirt-cheap to make, I'm thinking a
> home-brew low-power 27MHz modem (with as much brains as an IrDA port)
> could be an alternative..

There are legal considerations, but putting those aside, speed will be
lacking because of the typical narrow bandwidth available on a CB radio,
300-1200 bps is typical on HF radio via amateur radio.  The other problem
is the communication is simplex, unless you have a receiver & transmitter
running together at both ends with enough separation so they don't
interfere with each other.

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