3Com AirConnect version 2.0

Jean Tourrilhes jt at bougret.hpl.hp.com
Sat Dec 15 08:30:50 EST 2001

Niels Nes wrote :
> I tried getting the 3Com to work with the orinoco (v0.08a) driver,
> but failed.  Seems most fields of the iwconfig output look okay,
> except a Link Quality:0 and a Sensitivity:0/3. I tried the card on
> 2.4.9 and 2.4.16 .  Is there allready support for 3Com 3CRWE73796B
> in this driver?
> Niels,

	I have a 3CRWE73796B with firmware 2.20, and it works for
me. There is just two tricks to know :
	o David has somewhat broken my encryption workaround, you need
to set up your wep key in all four slots to make it work (don't ask).
	o IBSS with Orinoco doen't work (but work with another Symbol
card), but if you set the card in demo mode, it will talk to an IBSS
Orinoco (again, don't ask).
	And yeah, sensitivity is 0. Big deal.

	If you want debugging, you'd better send more info than just
"it doesn't work".


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