Wireless Access Points

Reynolds, Alfred Alfred.Reynolds at dsto.defence.gov.au
Fri Dec 14 11:29:20 EST 2001

1000 bucks US, man thats expensive :)


Get the uCDimm, $300US, has ethernet, serial, IO lines (no PCMCIA tho...).
I used it for a telephony project I did (if your at linux.conf.au 2002 you
will find out more ;)

Still, I reckon the best option is a 50 buck 486 and a telephone extension
cord :)

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> JonesMB <jonesmb at arthem.com> wrote:
> > don't any companies make small footprint PCs that use 
> industry standard 
> > peripherals.  that might be a solution.
> You can get matchbox sized 66MHz 486 machines with built-in 10BaseT
> ethernet and high speed serial ports for the measly sum of nearly 1000
> USD. That would be plenty powerful enough to shunt packets back and
> forth between a modem and your network.
> Unfortunately, there's no PCMCIA or ISA slots, so you'd need to use an
> airport with it to acheive wireless networking. However, it'd 
> be useful
> as your firewall between the internet, wireless and your 
> wired network.
> http://www.tiqit.com/mpc.html
> There's a different machine (with PCMCIA) mentioned here:
> http://www.strategic-test.se/
> But I can't seem to find links to actual information.
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