Suggestions : Wireless Modem Access Point

Pete Brayman pete at
Thu Dec 13 07:33:07 EST 2001

On Tue, 2001-12-11 at 16:58, Reynolds, Alfred wrote:
> WEP is secure for a given value of secure ;)
> While it is breakable it ain't trivial. For a typical load on a home network
> it would require a few hours of sniffing and then a few hours CPU time to
> crack. WEP would stop war driving and it would stop your neighbors
> accidentally using your AP. For web surfing its prolly cool. For shell
> sessions use ssh (but you do that already right?) IPSEC would be the best
> solution BUT its not trivial to implement. Perhaps it would be easier to
> lock down which MAC's can access the AP? 

Don't forget to use IMAP over SSL.. or POP over SSL.. So your mailbox
passwords aren't going out cleartext :)  


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