Channel usage

Tony Langdon tlangdon at
Thu Dec 6 15:45:02 EST 2001

> Just to clarify my situation, I am not actually co-locating the APs,
> just spreading more and more around our building. I need to keep 
> coverage of the whole building. Clearly, I am not using gain antenna,
> they are all standard omni's.
> It's a bit like the four-colour map-colouring problem - only now I
> am working in 3 dimensions (3 storey building with APs on each level).
> I'm going to try reducing the channel spacing to use channels 
> 1, 5, 9 and 13.
> I should get 18MHz of clear radio bandwidth between these 
> channels, hopefully
> enough to keep it all working at 11Mbps per AP simultaneously.

Oh, OK.  They should be designed for this sort of thing.  Are the different
frequencies representing different networks or subnets?

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