Channel usage

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Dec 6 15:38:39 EST 2001

Tony Langdon wrote:
> I dunno if they expected multiple APs to be co located.  IOW, the frequency
> separation may be OK for multiple networks sharing the same physical space,
> but not if two transmitters are co-located.
> On the positive side, it's likely you'll be OK, because you will be running
> gain antennas and you won't have APs in each others beam (the power off the
> side or back should be less than the normal omni case).

Thanks for your input Tony.

Just to clarify my situation, I am not actually co-locating the APs,
just spreading more and more around our building. I need to keep 
coverage of the whole building. Clearly, I am not using gain antenna,
they are all standard omni's.

It's a bit like the four-colour map-colouring problem - only now I
am working in 3 dimensions (3 storey building with APs on each level).

I'm going to try reducing the channel spacing to use channels 1, 5, 9 and 13.
I should get 18MHz of clear radio bandwidth between these channels, hopefully
enough to keep it all working at 11Mbps per AP simultaneously.


Bob Edwards.

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