Canberra User Wanting Hardware Suggestions.....

Daniel Hoffman madcow at
Wed Dec 5 20:55:06 EST 2001


Soon to be living down south (well further than I am at the moment) I am
looking at hooking up a wireless link between a mate and me for a VPN....
Only requirement is to get as much speed out of it as possible due to the
sharing that will be completed over it... pain in the arse...

Im mainly looking for feedback or input as to my direction to see if I
should deviate to a new path.

Im thinking about buying a pair of onrinoco cards, in particular the gold
cards... One of the other problems we have is distance, as there will be a
few KMs between the 2 sites, I was looking at spending some money on some
good external arials. The off the shelf galaxy style looking ones at about
$250each. However due to the distance the hellical arial configuration is
prolly a better idea?

The main issue I have, is I don¹t know the best way to hook it all up,
should I look at putting a PC in the roof? Run lots of expensive low loss
cable? buy a accesspoint for the roof??

I am running (well will be when it comes in) a airport2 base station for my
powerbook to get lan access via wireless, I have seen posts about the apple
base stations, but no real insight as to what can be done with them...

I also have looked at and so far am most impressed with the Orinoco Point to
Point Backbone kit on the wavelan website as maybe being the best way for a
newbie to get this working, mind you, im sure not the cheapest...

If anyone wants to give me input... feel free.... but this will be a
challenge im sure.....

- Daniel...

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