orinoco_cs on StrongArm board

Jacky Li ynli at research.att.com
Thu Aug 30 09:15:07 EST 2001

I just tried the testing version.  It still has the same problem.  I
captured the air packets to see what happened.  From the captured
it can be observed that the authentication and association are
successful.  It stops at a SNAP packet and then the process repeated for

several times.  It seems that it got associated with the access point
somehow cannot establish the network in IP level.  Any clues for that?


> On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 10:46:36AM -0400, Jacky Li wrote:
> >
> > I've been trying to get my orinoco card working on a StrongArm board

> but
> > fails.  The card seems to be successfully recognized by PCMCIA
> services
> > but it doesn't get through when the cardmgr was trying to execute
> > './network start eth0'.  It has timeout error message shown as below

> in
> > /var/log/messages.
> I think there are alignment problems with the orinoco driver on ARM -
> it seems I haven't put enough ((packed)) attributes in.  If you
> haven't already, could you try the version of the driver from:
>  http://www.ozlabs.org/people/dgibson/dldwd/testing
> That has some changes to the alignment attributes which I hope will
> help on ARM.
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