orinoco_cs and BAP errors

Daniel Hertrich daniel.hertrich at gmx.de
Tue Aug 28 15:15:39 EST 2001

Hi list,

Dave Gibson posted here a few days ago that there are new sources for
orinoco_cs which should avoid the BAP problems (Error x writing packet
header to BAP).

With the pcmcia-3.1.28 package patched by SuSE (which I mentioned in me
other posting), which now includes also the orinoco_cs, I don't get
these errors on my desktop machine when inserting my ZoomAir 4100
PrismII card.
The Desktop uses a Databook TCIC PCMCIA chipset.

But on my HP Omnibook 800CT (Inter PCMCIA chipset) I get these errors,
where the number x is either -110 or -16, alternating.

When I now take the new files from dave's site (I only took the
orinoco* and hermes* ones), compile the pcmcia package anew and install
the modules, I still get these errors, but this time more x=-16 and
only one x=-110, and all of them in one line, approximately 20 times

"omnibook kernel: eth0: Error -16 writing packet header to BAP<3>eth0: 
Error -16 writing pakcet header to BAP<3>Error -16 writing....."

Additionally I am not able to use the card! I hae set up everything for
Ad-Hoc-Mode, on the desktop iwconfig even says "Ad-Hoc", but on the
Omnibook, iwconfig still says "managed" and the card LED blinks. :-(

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot


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