wireless access points

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Tue Aug 28 10:01:36 EST 2001

Ben Elliston wrote:
> Are Apple Airports the cheapest way to go for an 802.11 access point?
> Apple's web pages list them for $699 -- can they be purchased cheaper
> elsewhere?
> Ben

Don't know about the cheapest - probably are. We just bought two more at
work for $585 (university pricing - no GST). btw. I bought the first one in
Canberra almost 2 years ago for $460.

They certainly work well enough and are a neat little unit made by a
reputable manufacturer - I don't think you can really go wrong with them.
I believe that the Lucent RG-1000 is almost the same unit, but at almost
$1000 in these 'ere parts.


Bob Edwards.

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