New testing version of orinoco driver

David Gibson david at
Thu Aug 23 17:16:32 EST 2001

Hi all.  I've just made some updates to the orinoco driver which are
available for test from:

This makes some changes which I hope will (finally) actually make a
real difference to the "BAP error" problems that many people have
seen.  On the other hand I still don't have a really good handle on
what causes the problem, so it's possible the changes will make things
worse.  Can people please test this version, and if it holds up I'll
make a release and push the changes to Linus.

For those who are interested:  the change removes all retries from the
hermes_bap_seek() function.  Instead, in the Tx path, a BAP error
simply results in a failed transmit which it is up to the upper layers
to cope with - there is only a message if debugging is enabled.  I
think this should better mimic the behaviour of the *BSD driver which
seems to handle these errors better than previous versions of the
orinoco driver.  In Rx, there is a retry, but the failure message
again only appears if debugging is enabled - I'm hoping this won't be
a big issue, BAP write errors seem to be much more common than BAP
read errors.

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