Lucent Silver 11mb, RG1000

Michael Perry mperry at
Wed Aug 22 03:36:04 EST 2001

Hi all-

I just compiled a 2.4.9 kernel to get support for my wireless card which
is a silver 11mb. I have a RG1000 which does transparent bridging for me
to my DSL connection at home.  If I place a dlink card into my IBM
Thinkpad 600e, I get two highbeeps, the hermes and orinoco, and
orinoco_cs drivers load and my scheme runs for the IP address I want in
my /etc/pcmcia/network.opts file.  Wireless.opts works okay too.

Here is some output with the dlink card loaded:

  0:     115099          XT-PIC  timer
  1:       2315          XT-PIC  keyboard
  2:          0          XT-PIC  cascade
  3:         28          XT-PIC  orinoco_cs
 11:         12          XT-PIC  Texas Instruments PCI1251A, Texas Instruments PCI1251A (#2)
 14:       1594          XT-PIC  ide0
 15:          3          XT-PIC  ide1
NMI:          0 
ERR:          0

And the last few lines of my dmesg

eth0: IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported.
eth0: WEP supported, 40-bit key.
eth0: MAC address 00:05:5D:F1:C9:58
eth0: Station name "Prism  I"
eth0: ready
eth0: index 0x01: Vcc 3.3, irq 3, io 0x0100-0x013f
eth0: Error -110 setting multicast list.
eth0: Error -16 setting multicast list.

Here is my exceedingly simple /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts file

case "$ADDRESS" in
        ESSID="my ESSID"

I have a pretty basic config.opts file which excludes irq 7 only.  All
this works very well with my dlink card and hermes, orinoco, orinoco_cs
get loaded like they should.

Now if I place Orinoco Silver 11mb card in the laptop, I get a high-low
beep combination which led me to believe its an irq issue.  On 2.2.18,
with the wavelan_cs drivers, teh card took irq 9.  If I do a cardctl
ident, the card is found.  But when the card is slid in, hermes,
orinoco, orinoco_cs do not load and I get the hi-low beep combo.

I am using debian unstable here with the 2.4.9 kernel with schemes
enabled for home and work.  For work, I use a wired 3com card which
works fine.

I have a hermes.conf file in /etc/pcmcia also.  It does not have irq
lists in it or masqs.  Its pretty much the default file that I
downloaded and placed in /etc/pcmcia.  I know it works because the dlink
card works with it perfectly.  I think the recommended behavior for
hermes and the orinoco drivers are what I see what the dlink card.

Anyone have any hacks or changes they have had to do with the drivers in
this situation?  I've followed teh troubleshooting stuff pretty much for
pcmcia cards and I can get any other card to work except for the orinoco
silver 11's.  I have three of them with different firmware dates.  One
is very recently flashed.  The RG1000 works very well and is setup to
transparently bridge network traffic.

Thanks and sorry for the long email.  Wanted to try to cover most the

Michael Perry | "Do or do not; there is no try" Master Yoda
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