pcmcia /orinoco - compiling

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart at smart-knowhow.de
Tue Aug 21 17:08:00 EST 2001

Hi folks,

I stepped up from the 2.2 - kernel to the 2.4.4-4GB kernel (SuSe 7.2)
because I wanted the orinoco-drivers for my WLAN cards (orinoco-OEMs). I
tried to compile it and got in problems (headers not found), I said, ok,
maybe its the pcmcia-package then I downloaded the latest version for pcmcia
(3.1.28) and tried to compile it and it didn't work (I got a error message
that I shouldn't include header files from the kernel directly but throu a
symbolic link, I did it, now I get compiler errors that some asm/rw*.h -
files are not found).
It's obvious that I screwed it up, but I maaybe someone can give me a
hint... its not the first time I compile something, you know. For example I
already compiled my older pcmcia package without problems on the old
kernel... I would be happy if one of you helpful guys can tell me the
version numbers of the pcmcia and orinoco - packages which should be working
under 2.4.4 ...

Thanx a lot in advance,

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