set up wireless card as a repeater?

Yee Chuan Loh yloh at
Tue Aug 21 04:03:52 EST 2001

Am I able to do that without buying an AP? Like just doing the same thing
but with a normal card and a linux/windoze system?

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Dominick, David wrote:

> yes. You can load the outdoor router software on the AP (Orinoco) and set it
> to repeater mode.
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> Subject: set up wireless card as a repeater?
> Hello,
> I have this interesting situation at my new apartment. I'm able to receive
> my school's wireless network in a room closest to the nearest school
> building, but not in the rest of the house.
> Is there a way I could setup a linux station with a normal wireless card
> (e.g orinoco) in the room and sorta acts like a repeater to provide
> wireless access to the rest of the house?
> Any comments on this matter is appreciated.
> Thanks.

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