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Mon Aug 20 12:59:58 EST 2001

Hi Zac,
I have been looking into wireless hardware as best I can in Perth and
trying my best to get hold of some "test stock".
You can get some Dlink and Netgear products from some of the Harvey
Norman stores for around $350-$400, or access points from around (I'm
guessing here) $1000.
You can also get Compaq WL cards from Qtech in town for around $400
(ballpark). They can also provide Compaq based access points somewhere
around $1000 or so.
These prices are mostly guesswork and ballpark, so don't blame me if
they aren't quite correct!
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	Been reading the archived and subscribed for a while, this is an
amazing resource of information, quite impressive! :)
	I'm wanting to establish a wavelink with someone who is roughly
4km's away (5 max). Line of Sight is reasonable with minimal tree
interference, and a lot of the distance is wetlands so FZ clearance
shouldn't be a problem.
	There's a couple of things I wouldn't mind advice on:
	a) Where can I purchase either a 2Mbps or 11Mbps wavelan card
from, preferably ISA. I've looked at IDS, but they don't list prices.
The cheaper the better. :) (I'm in West Aus, but anywhere in Aus would
be good)
	b) I have about 70m of 50ohm satellite cable here, which I would
prefer to use over buying new stuff. The run will be about 10m at the
most. Will this be suitable, or should I shell out for the stuff that's
$85/10m. And are the pigtail adaptors advertised on
do-it-yourselfable ?
	c) I was looking to build the antenna's myself from jasons pages
(being a hobbyist it's more fun :)). Will they work over that distance ?
	d) Finally, can omni-directional antenna's be used for the
distance I'm talking about? If so, where and how much. (I've had bad
experience pointing satellites, I'm concerned about the difficulty of
pointing an antenna)
	Thanks in advance!

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