[BAWUG] Decoders for 802.11???

sean berry berry at housebsd.org
Sun Aug 19 03:56:06 EST 2001

Apparently Ethereal can read the results of prismdump.  I have neither of
these tools, but I was present for a very intelligent explanation of the
protocol as implmented.  :)

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On Sat, 18 Aug -1 snoop9 at hushmail.com wrote:

> I have looked for decoders / plugins for
> Ethereal that will show the 802.11 management and control frames.
> Has anyone yet developed open sourced decoders to look at these frames?
> There are some commercial windoz based sniffers that now does this
> (Airopeek, Sniffer Pro, etc) but I sort of bulk when I am forced to use
> windoz.  It's ethics and $$ reasons !
> Thanks
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