netgear cards?

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty chak at
Wed Aug 15 10:24:46 EST 2001

Steven Hanley <sjh at> wrote,

> On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 05:22:33PM +1000, David Gibson wrote:
> > > Earlier on this list someone noticed netgear 802.11b netgear equipment being
> > > Also, David, if you are reading this, have you done any work at getting the
> > > DWL 650 to work? (just curious, if so I can upgrade to a recent 2.4 kernel
> > > (like 2.4.8) otherwise I can take a look myself (I am guessing it just
> > > initialises a little bit differently to the currently supoorted caards and
> > > will work like a normal Prism II otherwise.)
> > 
> > As far as I know there isn't anything special about the DWL-650
> > compared to other Prism cards.  The troubles Anthony was having were
> > due to the changes in v0.08 firmware which is now handled by a patch
> > from William Waghorn.  Note that several things (including WEP) are
> > not supported on any of the Prism II cards.
> well I am using the card with the dwl 500 pci<->pcmcia adapter, it works in
> linux, whenever I try your driver it doesnt detect the card at all. (simple
> modprobe) the wvlan_cs from pcmcia-cs sort of works after a fashion. I have
> not tried to get either driver to run in the last two months. I will try your
> driver again tonight. If it doesnt work I will look at the wvlan_cs code and
> see why it can detect the DWL cards and not yours.

I am using the same card also with the DWL-500 pci<->pcmcia
adapter and it works fine after some help from Anthony
Wesley.  I am now using the following setup:

* Firmware version 8c2 for the DWL-650 and flash it into the
  card (requires to have a Windoze box).  You can get the
  firmware at

* Linux kernel 2.4.7 (Beware, this will break suspend/resume
  for any eepro100 NIC that you have.  I think there is a
  fix for that in 2.4.8-ac3, but I didn't try it).

* The driver version 0.06d from

  The newer version 0.06e didn't compile for me, but you
  have to take the orinoco.h file from 0.06e, because that
  is missing in 0.06d.

* If you are using a kernel version higher than 2.4.5, you
  need to change the setting of MODULE_DIR in the Makefile

    MODULE_DIR = /lib/modules/$(KERNEL_VERSION)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless

With this setup, the DWL-650 even works in IBSS (ad-hoc
mode) in conjunction with a Lucent Orinoco.


PS: I got the impression that the card is somewhat sensitive
    to the order in which you set parameters with iwconfig
    (and can get into a state where you have to eject/insert
    before it will work again), but I am seeing similar
    things with the Orinoco card in IBSS.

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