MAC layer programming

Reynolds, Alfred Alfred.Reynolds at
Wed Aug 15 09:54:01 EST 2001

Well, to answer my own question the cards I found were based on the "Prism2"
chipset, in particular the WL100 from compaq. I can put these cards into
"adhoc" mode and play around with all sorts of lovely things using the
drivers from Jouni Malinen ( This driver
implements a access point (base station) so you could use these drivers and
a linux box in place of a normal (expensive) basestation :) 

Now off to the MAC layer research ;)  

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> Subject: MAC layer programming
> I want to do some MAC (link layer) research with wireless 
> networks. I have
> looked at the prismII chipset devices but you cannot disable 
> the MAC layer
> chips in the card (or so I have been told). Does anyone have 
> any advice as
> to devices I could use to do this MAC layer research? (I am 
> looking into
> issues such as store-and-forward and routing at the MAC layer 
> in highly
> agile networks). 
> Thanks,
> Alfred

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