error -16 writing header to BAP

JonesMB jonesmb at
Sat Aug 11 03:48:39 EST 2001

Yesterday I upgraded my Debian (woody) system's kernel from 2.2.17 to 2.4.7
so I would be able to use the orinoco_cs driver.  I wanted to change
because wv_lan sometimes caused my system to lock up with kernel panics.  

This morning I noticed that CPU load was going up (0.5 -> 3.x).  When I
looked on the console I saw the message "error -5 writing header to BAP"
being written to the screen continuously.  It went away after I stopped &
restarted the PCMCIA service.  

At that time I was taking a tcpdump trace of the wireless interface.
tcpdump was reporting something about a "snap length" being "too short".  I
would also like to know what causes this "writing header to BAP" error.

Thanks to you guys who have worked on the driver.  You have made it a lot
more convenient to use my LAN at home.


At 11:24 AM 8/10/01 +0200, Sir Gawain wrote:
>Hi People!
>We have a anoying problem with our orinoco card.
>The card is brand new (a week old) and we tried to install it
>under linux (debian testing). this is a orioco gold.
>there is another card in the router (orinoco bronze).
>at the moment the server is running fine under freebsd 3.3.
>we installed linux on a extra hd and installed the new
>card. now we tried to get the bronze-card up and running.
>there we have the right cabling and a working station on the
>other side.
>both cards are recognized correctly and set up for eth1 and
>eth2. (eth0 is a vortex-ethercard). we have to use transfernets,
>so eth0 is, eth1 and eth2
> the routes for the transfernets are set up
>correctly, we can ping the router on the other site (
>this router has also the, so we set up a route
> > route add -net netmask gw eth1
>now we pinged, and it was ok. after that we tried to
>ping another machine in this net ( and got the error
>-16 (s.subject). this error is printed out in an endless loop...
>the error occures while pinging all ips in the net exept!
>this card works fine under freebsd! so the card is not corrupt or
>the radiolink down...
>what is the problem? how can we solve it?
>Bye, Gawain (ICQ: 81736439)
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