Chris Fenton chrisf at fagmed.uit.no
Tue Aug 7 19:02:15 EST 2001

Sorry to bother you guys, but I am very new to the wireless concept.

I would like to try a wireless net to overcome a formidable domestic
hurdle, my wife will not let me run cable.
-a linux isdn-wireless router to connect 4 PCs at home
-router is a 486-66 with 24MB ram
-router will also run a printer queue and samba
-routing software provided by the linux router project

Should I get a 1/2 Mbits card or 11Mbits?
Will my 486 be the limiting factor ?
Are there and 11Mbit isa cards ?
Has anyone tried to stream video or mp3 through a wireless ?

I will post benchmarks from this experiment

Chris Fenton

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