mount.cifs fails with protocol SMBv2.x on a DFS share

Christian Garling christian.garling at
Thu Jun 8 14:35:00 UTC 2017

Hello list,

a few days ago we migrated our shares to a DFS cluster, also we disabled 
SMBv1 protocol. Now we are no longer able to connect to the shares with 
our linux workstations. The setup looks like this:

linux workstation -----> AD server (Windows Server 2008 R2) -----> file 
server (Windows Server 2016, running in 2008 R2 compat mode)

I have searched the web for a solution on the last few days. Mostly it 
came down to this:

Take care that smbclient, cifs-utils and keyutils is installed. Also 
have these lines in /etc/request-key.conf:

create  cifs.spnego     *       *               /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall %k
create  dns_resolver    *       *               /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall %k

My setup satisfies these requirements. I have tried the connection with 
these commands (I replaced our domain with

mount -v -t cifs // /mnt/dfs -o 
mount -v -t cifs // /mnt/dfs -o 

If I do so I can see this in tcpdump:

100.392000390 -> SMB2 172 Negotiate Protocol 
100.393121936 -> SMB2 318 Negotiate Protocol 
100.393223968 -> SMB2 190 Session Setup 
100.394178092 -> SMB2 390 Session Setup 
100.394295512 -> SMB2 494 Session Setup 
Request, NTLMSSP_AUTH, User: OFFICE\c.garling
100.397795864 -> SMB2 142 Session Setup Response
100.397895000 -> SMB2 198 Tree Connect 
Request Tree: \\\technik
100.398866908 -> SMB2 143 Tree Connect 

My client directly tries to connect to the share on, but 
this is the AD server that should forward to which is the 
file server.

I also traced the connection attempt with wireshark. In the request sent 
from my workstation I found this message in the flags:

"This host does NOT support DFS."

We re-enabled SMBv1 for testing purposes. With SMBv1 the connection to 
the DFS works with the command above but vers=1.0.

I can not figure out why DFS does not work when vers=2.0 or vers=2.1 
will be used. We tested some different distros (Linux Mint 18.1, Debian 
8, Debian 9, Gentoo) with different kernel versions.

Please ask me for further information, if I missed something.

Any help is welcome!

Regards, Christian Garling

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