static link libsmbclient.a got a lot of error, and how to include "smbtree" feature in program

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Tue Nov 12 02:22:12 MST 2013

Hi All:


I have some questions when writing a lib with libsmbclient-dev ,my target environment is  on any linux system.


1            I want to static link libsmbclient.a instead of using, but I got a lot of error , am I able to use libsmbclient-dev using static link?


2            I found that “smbtree” command is more stable in finding all those domains and servers than “smb://” , am I right? why?


3             so I used pipe run way to call “smbtree” command to get all the servers , but that requires installing samba-common ,can anybody tell me which part  of samba source code is for “smbtree” feature?  


Thank you very much!!
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