copy from mounted vs through shell

Akos Marton makos999 at
Mon Jan 28 05:31:42 MST 2013

Hi List,

In a scheduled set-up I wish to download files from a samba share 
through the internet at a reasonable good speed. So it isn't only a LAN 
environment. Doing copying from a mounted network (smbmount) drive 
provides only ~25Kbytes/sec download speed, meanwhile copying the same 
data from the same sharing is produced 10 times faster when it happens 
via the smb-shell!

Samba shell is not highly configurable and feature oriented, so I have 
to benefit from other shells (perl, bash, etc.) for customization purposes.

There must be a good explanation of the reduced speed. Do you have any 
idea what I could do about that? At least in which direction to go with 
debugging the problem?


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