Configuring PAM for a "Single Sign On" authentication

RECHER Renaud recher at
Thu Jun 24 05:09:46 MDT 2010

Hello I am currently working on the authentication of a computer using
Ubuntu 10.04, connected to a Windows 2003 Server and an Active
Directory domain.Samba and winbind's version is am having
trouble getting a Single Sign On authentication since every
application I use keep asking me for my Active Directory login and
password.I have tried many PAM tutorials but they never worked.The
applications asking for my account information are : 

   * FIREFOX for the proxy authentication
   * EVOLUTION for my account authentication
   * The mounting of a NETWORK DISK
   * The Active Directory CONTACT BOOK

I hope you will be able to help me and that I was clear enough :)
.Thank you in advance ! Renaud RECHERFrench student in computer
scienceps : I sent you an e-mail with an account that wasn't a member
of the mailing list. I am sorry for that and hope it doesn't cause you

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