Windows clients connecting to Samba with OpenLDAP password backend

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Thu Oct 29 08:07:04 MDT 2009

I am having real troubles with one of our servers.

We have been using samba in our company for more than 11 years now, since
version 1.9.16 ...
We run Sun Solaris on our servers.
We used to run NIS+ as our password system, but due to it's almost
impossibility to manage (basically only I knew how) we've moved to LDAP ...
We have now decided to centralize all our Samba passwords into the LDAP.

On the one machine configured to use LDAP for passwords we have a mysterious
problem, If we access the machine via a Windows computer (XP, Vista, etc) we
can create files and folders we can even rename and delete folders, but we
cannot rename or delete files.

If we access the machine via a Solaris or Linux machine using smbclient we
can do everything.

I originally wondered if it was due to the Sun compiled Samba 3.0.35 server
that is installed, so i removed it and compiled in 3.4.2 with OpenLDAP
support, but it has exactly the same issues.

This problem does not occur on our other machines (that run ldap as their
naming service in all but samba) ...

I'm happy to show all relevant information and logs/debugs if necessary.

I have seen some people talk about this before on the internet, but there
doesn't appear to be any answer.

Thanks in advance.

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