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I understand smbclient is an FTP like client to access Samba/CIFS service.  I would like to have only SMBClient  and the basic dependency to build just the client that access Windows share ? As I browsed through the net I got different information and I stumbled many questions. I have summarized below -

And it would be a great help if I get clarified on these questions.

1.  For SMBClient to work - Do I need any SAMBA modules/libraries for this from ? and my best guess is 
	Samba-Common - Is this module dependent on any other linux modules ? 
            Is there a separate source tarball for this module ? Or where do i locate the source for this module  in Samba source tree?
(The mirrors listed in this link is not working  -
2.  Is it possible for me to build SMBClient that can access only CIFS Share ? 
3.  To access the CIFS. should I need kernel module CIFS. Does sambaclient work with CIFS module part of the UNIX kernel ? Should I also need smbs kernel module ?
4. What are the libraries/dependency for SMBClient. And my understanding so far
	- libc (Standard C library and Standard Math library)
            - libcrypt (for encryption/decryption)
           -  libldap (Open Ldap)
           - Perl interpretter (why this ??)
           - Anything missing ??
5. At the end of the day, how does the samba module makes a network connection.    What are the native lnux networking modules(so/lib) that Sambacommon is dependent on to make the TCP/IP connections ??

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