Choose network interface

Ivan imunoz6 at
Tue Apr 28 08:54:19 GMT 2009

I'm testing new Ubuntu 9.04. I've 5 network interfaces, each one is on a 
separate VLAN. I would like to test if all the VLANs has access to a 
network directory, so I use smbclient to write on it and test if all is 
Ok. But I want to test it on all interfaces, so I need to indicate on 
"smbclient" the ORIGIN ADDRESS I would like to use, for example:

/usr/bin/smbclient -A authfile -W MYDOMAIN 
//mynetwork_server/my_directory -c "put My_test_file" _ -ORIGIN 

Any suggestions would be apreciated.
Thank you.

Ivan Muñoz Fuentes
Tècnic Projectes
Departament d'Educació
Via Augusta, 202, Barcelona

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