Assistant Manager of Nomura Bank!!

From Mr. Issac John johnlee at
Tue Apr 21 18:11:34 GMT 2009

>From Mr. Issac John
Assistant Manager of Nomura Bank,
1 St Martin-le-Grand, London EC1A 4NP, 
United Kingdom.

With due respect Sir, 

I am sure this letter will come to you as a surprise because myself who is the writer have not in anyway come in close contact with you except that my search for a good and reliable person I could confined on to carry out successfully a little business I have at hand. However, mails which people send to various individuals and companies on the internet have also made it so impossible for one to do business reliably with other internet users all over the world. 

I solicit and hope that this letter will not be considered or treated like one of those letters my name is Mr. Issac John, Assistant Manager of Nomura Bank International Plc. Address:, Nomura House, 1 St Martin-le-Grand, London EC1A 4NP, United Kingdom . The Nomura Bank has an Interest Generation Account which is designed to get customers invest their money with Profitable Companies in London through their Deposits with the Nomura Bank. Most Tourists who come into London has also been encouraged by the Home office to open account with us for this purpose.

The Deal I want to discuss with you is that I have here in my Branch 378 files which has been confirmed to belong to Foreigners who Visited London, opened this account and left to their respective countries without knowing about the Interests. I as assistant Manager is under Obligation to transfer these funds to the home office account with the Nomura Bank. I do this on daily bases as soon as these customers are unreachable. This is why I am sending this email to you.

I want you to partner with me, Let us use your contact, Bank details and other information of yours to represent the beneficiary of two particular accounts, which I have concluded search on and confirmed that the beneficiaries are not aware of the Interests since they have withdrawn their Capital Investments and closed down their accounts with our Bank..
The good thing about these two accounts is that I personally handled the opening of the accounts for these gentlemen in 2005 when they were on summer holiday in London. 

They have withdrawn their money and closed these accounts on the 20th of June 2007 without knowing that an Interest of 9.300, 000.00 and 11,000, 000.00 the total amount involved in these two accounts are 20,300,000.00 British Pounds. A 5% tax will be deducted according to the Law and the rest will be transferred to your account.

I have all the facts and information. I will facilitate the transfer if you can co-operate. Confirm if you are ready so we can move on to the main stage.Looking forward to your immediate response.

Issac John.

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