Sporadic Copying in Windows XP

Travis Forghani travis at bowmanent.com
Wed Jan 9 16:31:24 GMT 2008


I've setup a basic Linux Workgroup via SAMBA.  Everything is working 
fine except for the following:

I just replaced a Windows 2003 Storage Server with CentOS 5.1. When my 
users start copying TIF images from the now CentOS 5.1 server, XP copies 
the images sporadically. For example: folder1, folder2, folder3, 
folder4; each folder has 5 sub-folders in it numbered sequentially 
(00000, 00001, 00002, etc.); each sub-folder has 100 images in it. When 
from an XP box, a user highlights folder1 and pastes it to their local 
drive the copying of the sub-folders and the images is sporadic. For 
example: first 00003 is copied and in 00003 image 98 is copied and then 
image 25 and then image 60 and etc.; once 00003 and all of its contents 
are finished with the copy process will jump to 00005 and continue to be 
sporadic. I've been told by the CentOS forum that since XP is doing the 
writing, XP is causing the problem. I am running the latest Samba 
available for CentOS 5.1. Also, I have five bonded NICs in the CentOS 
server. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

My SAMBA Conifg (Configured Via Webmin):
    netbios name = STGSVR1
    netbios aliases = STGSVR1
    writeable = yes
    socket options = TCP_NODELAY
    write list = @beiusers, at root
    workgroup = BEI-LINUX
    os level = 20
    valid users = @beiusers, at root
    user = @beiusers, at root
    create mode = 775
    preferred master = no
    directory mode = 775

    force create mode = 775
    force user = root
    path = /data/Stg2_Images
    force directory mode = 775
    force group = beiusers

    force create mode = 775
    force user = root
    path = /data
    force directory mode = 775
    force group = beiusers


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