smbclient problem/question

Brad Walker Brad.Walker at
Thu Sep 20 20:11:05 GMT 2007

I have a Linux machine running Samba 3.0.23c. It is connecting to a 
Windows Storage Server 2003 box.

After 15 minutes I get the following error:

smb: \1st_run_sec3\test_folder_1day\> !date
Thu Sep 20 13:47:00 MDT 2007
smb: \1st_run_sec3\test_folder_1day\> read_data: read failure for 4. 
Error = Connection reset by peer

I did some looking and did notice there are some checkins in relation to 
this error.

But, I would like to know what would be helpful in terms of trying to 
troubleshoot this or debug the problem.

I am not a member of smb-clients so please CC me on any responses.

Thanks for any help.

-brad w.

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