Samba and Windows XP XS2

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Fri Nov 9 12:55:41 GMT 2007



I'm hoping that someone can give me a hand here.


I have a Linux file server that is being shared out to several Mac's and
Windows XP SP 2 machine.


There is a user account called Administrator that the client computers
use to connect to the Samba share.  The Mac's have no problem with this
at all; they can look at everything, create and rename files etc.  The
XP machines on the other hand can do everything as well, but they can
not delete any file at all from the Samba share.  This is really
annoying for everyone on the network, the windows error that I get is
"Make sure that the dish is not full or write-Protected and that the
file is not in use."


The XP machines are XP 2, I was wondering if this would have something
to do with the kb885250 update from Microsoft awhile ago
(  If
this is the cause of the problem, does anyone know how to remove it from
SP2?  There seems to be a few people having this problem.


If anyone has any advice, please email me at
jeremy.smith at  I'm also using Samba 3.081013 on
Fedora Core 3.


Thank you



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