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There are two sides to the cloacking issue. Cloaking, by the way, is using
scripts that hide certain pages from browsers while giving them out to
search engines only. On one hand, according to a recent I-Search Special
Issue on cloaking, Marc Krellenstein the Senior VP of Engineering for
Northern Light said, "If we find out 'your' page is cloaked we will ban your
URL and sites for life."

According to I-Search, Inktomi and AltaVista share similar sentiments
towards cloaking. On the other hand, cloaking is something that is very
commonly used by high-level web designers for legitimate reasons such as
directing users with different browser capabilities to different pages, and
also by advanced web marketers to improve search engine rankings while
hiding the high ranking HTML from competitors.

Despite the fact that most engines frown upon it and indeed do penalize some
pages that use cloaking technology, a great majority of cloaked pages still
go un-penalized, working effectively towards their goal. One reason is that
its not easy for the engines to find cloaked pages, another is that cloaking
can be very legitimate so it is let by anyway when found.
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