differences between samba 2 and 3 smb-client?

Neil Loffhagen neilloffhagen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 14:50:28 GMT 2007


We have an old Linux box running Redhat 7.2 that make connections to shares
on windows 2000 and 2003 servers.  All is working fine here.  It is running

I have been tasked to replace this server with updated hardware etc.  I have
a Linux box that is now running RHEL 4 with samba-client-3.0.10-1 3
installed.  For some reason this new server will only connect to the shares
on the windows 2000 server but gives permission errors when trying to
connect to the shares on the windows 2003 servers.  As we are using the same
user credentials I'm wondering what the difference is between Sambas 2 and 3
that will not now connect to windows 2003 boxes whereas it will to windows
2000 boxes?  Are there any extra parameters that need to be used?

Hoping someone can please shed some light on this?

The command we are using is:

/usr/bin/smbmount  server_name/c$  /mnt/serv_check  -o  username=userid,
password=password, uid=500,gid=500

Many thanks,

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