libsmbclient and SEC_DESCs and Windows

dlm-samba at dlm-samba at
Thu Jul 5 15:55:23 GMT 2007

My apologies if this is a duplicate - my mail agent weirded out on me.

I've got a backup/restore application that is attempting to backup a
Windows box using the kernel cifs module and libsmbclient.  The cifs
module is used for the actual copying of the file.  I use libsmbclient
to get the SEC_DESC for the file, and for putting it back once the
file is restored.  However, when I do this, the resulting permissions
on the Windows box are not viewable by anyone, and the file is
inaccessible even for administrator.  The permissions on the original
allow all the usual things you would expect to be able to do with the

Anyone have any idea what might be going on?  Is there a more-
appropriate list for me to be asking this on?

Thanks much.


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