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Andrea Lanza andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
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> Andrea,
> I suppose the virtual machine are NOT running at this moment 
> ? 
YES, they are stopped when I try to copy the file

>If they would be, then you would surely have problems !
> You did not modify the network card hardware setup, have you 
> ?
I didn't do anything differently. Anyway now there is a different OS version

(opensuse 10.2; in the past, when I had asterisk on that box, I had opensuse

> If you kept the same hardware, then my suspicion on the 
> network card's driver will most probably be something that 
> can be excluded.

I tried to copy that big file from the storage to another linux box using
samba without any problem (3.0.24 version)

This last linux box I copied the file to is also an ftp server and a Samba

At this point I tried to copy that big file from this ftp server to the box
having problem with samba client:
no problem, the file was perfectly received in short time (8.436.458.024
bytes in 2:45 (48.64 MB/s) )

At this point I tried to copy that big from this same Samba server to the
box having problem with samba client:
the crash was almost immediate !! (after reboot I see: 126.701.568 bytes the
size of the copied file.)

So I think the problem is really related to smb environment: 
remember I have no problem in sending this same file via smbclient  !!
only getting via smbclient always get to crash !

The network card I am using is seen by opensuse 10.2 as 

"ASUSTek Marvell 88E8053 Gigabit Ethernet controller"

the module name is "sky2"

What test do you suggest me to try ? Changing network card ? changing buffer
sixe ?

thank you, 


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