Cannot enumerate NetApps CIFS Shares using 'net share'

Philippe Bertin philippe.bertin at
Fri Mar 31 09:32:03 GMT 2006

May sound rather obvious, but you do have

        browseable = Yes

in your global section of smb.conf, don't you ? In such a case, you 
would indeed succeed in mounting, provided you know the share's name(s), 
but you wouldn't succeed in listing the shares...


Kielman, Megan V wrote:

> I am running Samba client Version 3.0.21c-9.1.9-SUSE-SLES9 and I am 
> unable to use the 'net share' command to enumerate CIFS shares hosted 
> on a NetApp 6.4.4p9. I can successfully mount the drives but I need to 
> use net share to list the shares. I have seen only a few posts online 
> with no resolution. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
> Megan Kielman

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