recursive smbcacls

Ángel Galindo Muñoz agalindo at
Thu Mar 30 09:35:14 GMT 2006

	I know it could be done mounting the share with "cifs filesystem" and 
acting from the client via local calls to "setfacl" against the mounted 
remote files (using "find /folder -exec setfacl") but it just works if 
your server has unix extensions enabled. I cannot enable unix extensions 
because, some 2.6 linux kernel versions become confused with local 
uid/gid assignation when mounting CIFS shares.

( )

	So, I think my only chance is to use smbcacls.
	Can anybody help me?
	Thanks in advance!

Ángel Galindo Muñoz wrote:
>     Hello!
>     Is there any way to apply ACLs recursivelly to a remote folder via SMB?
>     I've looked at smbcacls command but this just seems to work agains a 
> lone file or folder. It seems it can't act recursivelly over all the 
> files and folders inside a folder.
>     Thanks in advance,

Angel Galindo Muñoz
agalindo at

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