password change on WinXP

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Thu Jun 15 11:02:59 GMT 2006

We have samba (3.0.22) configured as 'standalone server' type and
security mode is 'user'. I have configured 'smb.conf' so that windows xp
users may change their passwords from windows box (using ctrl+alt+del)
and I got it work (regardless some sources which say that is not
possible with standalone server). The remaining problem is that now
users should specify a host to log on in 'change password' dialog box to
make it work. There is field called 'log on to' which defaults to local
computer name (for example 'MYXP (this computer)'). If user changes 'log
on to' value to name of our samba server or workgroup name and completes
rest of the fields then passwords are changed on server side
(sambapassword and linux password) but local password remains the old.
On the other hand if the 'log on to' field value is local computer name,
then only local password is changed (not samba).

Is there any way to combine the process so that passwords on both sides
are changed (server and client)? Is there any utility program which we
could use as a workaround? Am I still missing something on samba side or
is this windows xp related problem?

I would like to keep our samba simple as possible, so PDC server type is
out of the question.


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