Samba client for DOS

Göran Lund (utfors) goran.lund at
Tue Dec 5 23:29:11 GMT 2006

>From DOS (MS DOS, FreeDOS, IBM DOS, etc) I want to connect to a Samba-server without NetBios (only port 445, not 137, 138 and 139)
But DOS + LanMan must use Netbios to communicate with an Windows- or Samba-server.

So, I wondering now if anyone has build a Samba client for DOS? 
Or is it possible to do that?

I have look at the source-code for samba-client  but I am not so good in C++, so it´s not easy to see if it could be compiled to one (or many) DOS-exe-file. 

Do You think it is possible?
Or do you know any other solution to communicate from DOS with tcp-ip (but without NetBios) to a Samba-server?

// Goran \\
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