Not able to access the mount

Matt Seitz seitz at
Mon Aug 28 20:30:59 GMT 2006

DSouza, Santosh wrote:
> Any idea why I cannot find the smbmount from the latest samba version.
> and is there any chance that I would be get this for the latest version
> of samba and hence have this work.

I would suggest one of the following:

1.  Go to Red Hat Network and download the Red Hat RPMs from there:

2.  Download the Red Hat source RPM and rebuild the binary RPMs using "rpm 
--rebuild".  The source RPM is available at:

3.  There is a third party that builds binary RPMs for RHEL.  They are not 
supported by Red Hat, but they are based on newer versions of Samba:

> Thanks,
> Santhosh  
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> DSouza, Santosh wrote:
>> I am using smbfs as cifs is not supported in the Linux box I have. 
> Sorry, I was looking at a RHEL 4 box, not a RHEL 3 box.  I see now that
> RHEL 3 
> apparently does not install cifs-vfs.
>> As well I tried up2date and its not working. 
> Are you saying up2date is not working?  Or are you saying that the mount
> is not 
> working, even after you ran "up2date"?
>  > Any way I could make this work
>> without having to touch the kernel and without rebooting the box
> Well, if the problem is with the smbfs.o kernel module, you may need to
> install 
> a kernel update RPM from Red Hat and reboot.  If the problem is with the
> supporting Samba code, then you should be able to install an updated
> Samba RPM 
> from Red Hat.

Matthew Seitz
Customer Support Manager
NeoPath Networks, Inc.

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