How to remove with smbcacls an ACE which denies access

Ángel Galindo Muñoz agalindo at
Fri Apr 21 07:51:35 GMT 2006


	I'm using smbcacls to manage shares of my Samba shares.	If I want to 
forbid access to my files to somebody I just have to do this:

# smbcacls -A mycredentials //fileserver/share "/file" -a 

	this works fine. I can read the ACE:

# smbcacls -A mycredentials //fileserver/share "/file" | grep thatuser

	Ok, this is stored on my UFS filesystem as the ACL "user:aespona:---".

	But now, how can I delete this ACE with smbcacls? I've tried several 
ways and none works:

# smbcacls -A mycredentials //fileserver/share "/file" -D 
ACL for ACL:thatuser:DENIED/0/FULL not found

# smbcacls -A mycredentials //fileserver/share "/file" -D 
ACL for ACL:thatuserALLOWED/0/FULL not found

	if I just don't write "FULL" it replies "Failed to parse ACL".

	Can anybody help me please? Thanks in advance.

Angel Galindo Muñoz
agalindo at

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