samba and win2k "The network path was not found"

Disk Handler disker at
Sun Nov 20 00:27:52 GMT 2005

I too am having this issue - my SMB using computers can view the shares 
with no problem, DAVE on my Mac sees the share, I can even access the 
share by going into the Server Name in file explorer on my mobile2003se 
device, but my 2k and XP machines, when clicking on the netbios name 
listed on the network for the SMB machines is telling me network path 
not found.....  ANY and ALL help with this would be GREATLY appriciated!

-- Original message follows --
Dear samba orgnisation, i have installed my samba in my linux server, in 
my network there are 5 machines, 1 is linux and other are win2k, i have 
configured the file /etc/samba/smb.conf, i change workgroup and etc... 
and i make a "testparm", it's all right, and i restart my samba, it's 
right. i can see my linux name from windows network but when i click it 
the message "The network path was not found", when i try to ping from 
win2k to linux, it works, when i try "nmblookup WORKGROUP" from linux, 
it's ok, i can ping from linux to windows and windows to linux, but i 
can not ping buy name from windows to linux.

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