Weird athentication difference between smbclient and smbmount

Peter J. de Vrijer pdevrijer at
Thu May 5 19:42:50 GMT 2005


I am currently using samba 3.0.10 with kernel 2.6.9.

In the doc one is encouraged to use 'security = user' level.
If I then connect with 'smbclient //machine/share -U myname%mypass' all works
well. But when I try to mount the share localy with

smbmount //machine/share mountpoint -o "username=myname,password=mypass"

The result is that the connection is refused, allthough mount shows the share
mounted. In the logfiles it seems that in the first logon the right username 
password combination is used and accepted by samba, but when the mount should 
happen I see BAD SIG in the logfile and the connection is broken by samba.

Is this a known problem? And if so, what is the solution?

Greetings, Peter.

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