Is a 'Samba' DFS readable by MS Win98SE / DOS 6.22 clients possible?

Brian K. Miller (Eng.) Brian.K.Miller at
Wed Mar 16 21:31:11 GMT 2005


I am looking into implementing Linux Redhat + Samba to mount various
Windows shares to create a single, contiguous 'DFS'-like namespace
viewable from DOS Win98SE / DOS 6.22 clients (I'm doing this because it
appears that DOS NT LAN Manager does not support MS DFS).  

Is this possible with Samba?  
If so, can someone point me in the right direction to get started on

(Note, I am NOT trying to mount existing MS DFS shares, but to create a
'Samba' DFS share that is readable by MS DOS Win98SE / DOS 6.22 clients)

Thanks in advance! 

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