Problem joining w2k server into samba3 domain

Andreas Schneider a.schneider at
Tue Mar 1 10:29:45 GMT 2005


We like to join an existing and working samba3 domain (Debian/sarge, just pam, 
no ldap or kerberos) with a win2k server. 

When I try to join the domain I have to authenticate with an domain
Admin Account as usual. This proves in my opinion, that it can talk to the 
samba-pdc.  After that an error message says that the samba domain can't
be found. Why is it, that I can't add a Windows server?

Does anybody know this problem? I don't understand why this should
not work, its a normally domain join like Win2k pro and Windows xp join. Is 
anything different here?

We need this server in our domain to install a domain-wide SuS-service. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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