smbclient - unable to fetch machine password (with router, hp officejet...)

Zsolt Sebestyÿffffffffffe9n sezsolt at
Mon Jul 25 10:54:16 GMT 2005

Hello Everybody,

I saw this problem, but the answer for this not. Now I
have this problem.

I have a router (with dhcp) between a "windows xp" and
a "suse linux 9.3". The "windows" machine which has a
hp officejet v40 printer. I want to use this printer
from the "suse linux 9.3" machine. 
How can I do it? 
How can I solve the "unable to fetch machine password"

Thanks for the answers,


PS: please if it is possible send the answers to my
emailaddress too. That is: sezsolt at

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