Successive writing to a Samba 3 Beta 3 server problem

Maarten van der Heijden Maarten at
Wed Sep 1 08:19:01 GMT 2004



I'm currently working on a CIFS client program which has to store data
on a NAS running with Samba 3 beta 3, but I have a problem with it when
I want to write large amounts of data to the NAS. The problem occurs
after about 5-10 min (sometimes less, sometimes longer) when I don't get
a ANDX_WRITE_RESPONSE. The funny thing is that the data packet which
doesn't "cause" a response is exactly the same as the previous data
packet which does "cause" a response. Only after sending another packet,
the write response is sent. 

Is this a beta bug in the samba server, or am I missing something?

Help is very appreciated!




Maarten van der Heijden


Ps. The program works without problems when sending data to a windows
2000 server.


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